Community Involvement

Engaged in our Community and Beyond!

At Gryphon Benefits & Insurance, we are dedicated to helping alleviate poverty in our world and we also passionately support our local communities.


Kindred Hearts Cambodia Foundation

In 2011, Gryphon Benefits co-founded Kindred Hearts Cambodia Foundation (KHC). With a desire to help the hurting people of this country, KHC promotes the improvement of health and education of women, and children in remote parts of Cambodia. KHC provides free medical aid, with the main goal of increasing the accessibility and availability of health care in hard to reach areas.

Gryphon is proud to support KHC’s first project: the establishment of Kindred Hearts Medical Clinic in Stung Treng in June, 2013!

Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton (WRSE) has always been close to the heart of Patrik Foff. The main goal of the WRSE is to help wounded and orphaned animals and Gryphon has proudly supported this organization since 2008 both by volunteering and also through corporate donations. Gryphon is incredibly grateful for the tremendous work done by the staff and volunteers at WRSE and looks forward to helping out with the rehabilitation of many more little (and big) critters!