How Will Medical Marijuana Legislation Impact Group Benefits

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January 8, 2014
Coordination of Benefits (COB)
November 14, 2017

If legislation passes and medical marijuana is given a drug identification number (DIN), we will not know immediately, if and when, insurance carriers will cover it under your Company’s group benefits drug plan.

Dedicated taskforces will be put in place, and are predicting a five-year period to evaluate. Medical studies cost a substantial amount of money, and unfortunately takes a lot of time when conducted by drug companies. However, it’s necessary step before approval can be made and a drug identification number can be assigned. Just like any other prescription drug, they need to be categorized with safety and dosages recommendations, then approved by Health Canada. We are monitoring this closely and will update our site as new information becomes known.

Currently, insurance carriers only accept medical marijuana through a Health Care Spending Account, or Cost-plus Plan, and strict criteria must be met for the claim to be eligible.

The following is the required information on the receipt, and the Health Care Spending Account (HCSA) claim form:

    * Patient name
    * Date of purchase
    * Dost
    * Quantity
    * Description of purchase
    * Name, address and phone number of the licensed producer to be verified here:
    * Receipt must show the official business name with the registration number. CRA verifies by the registration number if the business is regulated or not.
    * Healthcare Practitioner Medical Document completed by a recognized physician

Once all documents are complete and verified a claim can be paid under HCSA up to eligible dollars under that benefit.

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