Is Travel on Your Mind?

2020 Client Feedback Survey Results
November 23, 2020
2020 Client Feedback Survey Results
November 23, 2020

On November 2, 2020, rapid COVID-19 testing became available to eligible travellers arriving to the country via the Calgary International Airport or the Coutts Border Crossing as part of a new federal/provincial pilot project. A negative test could reduce a person’s 14 day quarantine to as a little as two days. This initiative, along with recent talks of Canadians potentially having access to an effective vaccine in 2021, has had some of us thinking sunny destinations might soon be within our grasp.

As we watch Covid-19 numbers continue to rise and navigate changing restrictions, there is no better time to have a closer look at our travel insurance! For someone who has travelled to all 7 continents, I’m shocked at my younger self for never really having looked into what my travel insurance covered.

Emergency travel insurance is an important part of any group benefits package, however the details are often different. A few things to consider:

1) Length of coverage – how long will you be covered for? Most group plans offer coverage for 60 or 90 days, but this can vary
2) Are there pre-existing conditions or drug stability clauses?
3) What is excluded from coverage?
4) Are trip cancellation and/or trip interruption included?
5) Do you and/or your travelling companion know which number to call and when? Many travel insurance providers require a phone call within 48 hrs of an emergency or claims may be reduced.

Lastly, are COVID-19 related expenses covered under your policy? Many providers are now including coverage for COVID-19 expenses even if a plan member is travelling to a destination country for which the Government of Canada has issued a level 3 travel advisory (ie. avoid non-essential travel). We think that’s pretty exciting and an important step in the resumption of international travel.

Plan members may find the insurance jargon in their benefits booklets confusing, so please give Gryphon Benefits a call – we can help!